Adverse Effects of Authoritarian Parenting Style on the Children


Effects of Authoritarian Parenting Style on the Children

Authoritarian parenting style is just as its name suggests. It is a parent using their status, age and power to rule with authority. This type of parenting holds high regard for achievement, leaving children with no room to make mistakes.

Often, this style of parents are devoid of love and affection that are, in fact, very crucial in the psychological and emotional development of young children.

Authoritarian parents believe in giving punishment:

Effects of Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian parenting is a style which believes in giving orders and giving punishment. It is highly demanding but is not responsive. Although authoritarian parents generally have good intentions, and want to teach their children to grow up to be good people they attempt to do so by using tools such as harsh punishment and shame.

They imposes set of rules to the child:

Authoritarian parents impose set of rules that the child is bound to obey. These rules often come from religious beliefs and teachings, which are strongly held. They are often seen as the very strict, controlling type of parent. Children are expected to obey parents, and if they fail to do so, often suffer punitive consequences.

Authoritarian parents generally expect children to live up to high expectations, and some children begin to equate success with love.

  • Authoritarian parents provide well structured facilities and environment to the child; however, they are very strict with their rules and regulations. Authoritarian parents may at a time turn to be autocratic in handling their children. Authoritative parenting style encourages the parents to adhere to the supportive disciplinary methods rather than punitive.

Children grown under Authoritarian parenting style suffer with anxiety and low self esteem:

Effects of Authoritarian Parenting Style

Children with authoritarian parents are often withdrawn or anxious and with low self esteem levels. Research has also shown that children from authoritarian parents have a higher likelihood of depression. Boys can also show anger and defiance as they get older.

Children raised with authoritarian-style are often very good at obeying authority but seldom have a strong sense of inner discipline as this is not something that is encouraged in childhood by their parents. So Click here to Make Children Mind without Losing Yours

Authoritarian Parenting Style (vs.) Authoritative Parents:

Authoritarian parents don’t tolerate much disagreement, so their children tend to struggle for independence. Authoritarian parenting style is demanding but not responsive. Authoritative parents are not usually controlling, allowing the child to explore more freely.

Authoritative parenting Style, which balances clear, high parental demands with emotional responsiveness and recognition of child autonomy, is one of the most consistent family predictors of competence from early childhood through adolescence.

  • Authoritarian parenting style is out dated and not suited to modern life and society. It is not considered to be an appropriate parenting style for today’s family. Hence the best way to bring up your children is definitely not what we discussed above but a more practical and prudent or sensible way, which treats all the members in a family as equal.
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