How to be a Good Parent: Essential Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Parent


How to be a Good Parent

All children behave as well as they are treated is one of the good parent quotes said by Jan Hunt. Let’s see how authentic it is in today’s scenario.

good parentRaising children is one of the difficult at the same time most rewarding jobs in the world. With a little patience and accepting a little assistance you can take the right steps on how to be a good parent. There is no such good parent definition.

Here are a few tips to help you raise your children and also add essential characteristics of a good parent in you.

Express Love and Affection to be a Good Parent

  • A warm cuddle, some encouragement, appreciation, or sometimes even a smile can do work wonders in boosting the confidence of your children.
  • Tell them you love them the most being a good mother.
  • Bestow lots of hugs and few kisses
  • Love them unconditionally; don’t compel them to become that person who you think they should be just to deserve your love. Convince them that you will always love them without any expectations.
  • Let them know how special they are.
  • Express them how much they are important for you.

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Respect their Privacy and be a Good Parent

  • Give space to them as you would want them to respect your privacy; for example, if you tell your child that your room is out of boundaries to him/her, do the same with his/her room.
  • Let them feel that once they enter their rooms they can assure that no one will peep through their drawers, or flip through their diary and never do it, you cannot be a bad parent.

Offer Safety to your Children

  • Most kids are generally scared when a lightning appears or when they have a horrible dream etc. some are insecure by nature.
  • Based on your children’s nature, take right steps to feel them comfortable, it makes a good parent.

Instill a Sense of Liability

Inculcate in them, a sense of belonging by manifesting individual and family photographs or portraits on the walls to set a good parent example.

Behave Well with your Spouse before your Children

  • Good parent BehaviorGood parent never argue with their partner in front of the children. Recent divorce rates have made children feeling insecure when they learned parents bickering.
  • In addition, children will also pick up the habit of arguing with each other the same way following their parents.
  • Being a good parent, explain them when people disagree, they can sort out the differences by discussing peacefully.

Avoid favoritism and be a Good Parent

Surveys say that parents often have favorite kids, but most children expect they are the favorite. When your children quarrel, don’t take sides.

Give up your Vices, become a Good Parent

  • Gambling, drugs, and alcohol can hinder your child’s financial security. Smoking always adds health hazards to your child’s life.
  • Second-hand smoke has been associated with various respiratory ailments in children.
  • It could also cut down the life span of a parent.
  • Drugs and alcohol might also become hazardous or pose violence to your child’s environment.

Spend Sufficient Time with your Children to be a Good ParentSpend Sufficient Time with Children

  • Your children need your time and attention.
  • Spend time together by playing a game, going for a walk or reading a book.
  • Be a good parent and take help of your children in cleaning the house or water the garden.
  • It is a proven fact that bad children demeanor is the outcome of lack of attention, so spend time with them and make enable them feel responsible.

Being a Good Parent, Reward your Children

All children want to feel they are important part of family. That’s the reason they will always strive to learn and advance. So, when they do or learn something new or when they behavior properly, tell them how magnificent that new thing was and how proud you are of them. But don’t forget to tell them to learn new things and more often playing a good parent.

Keep a Schedule for your Children

  • Children need to follow a schedule everyday.
  • It will enable them become disciplined individuals and you a good parent.
  • For instance you can ensure entire family eats at particular time every day, if possible. You can ask them to go to bed same time every day except, a few days like Saturdays or Fridays.
  • Ask your children clean their teeth when they wake up and before going to bed.

Listen to your ChildrenHow to be a Good Parent, Listen to your Children

Children always want to express something. They appear to have a personal opinion about everything and at the same time they are very inquisitive. Good parent would always listen to them. Sometimes they will ask tough questions that may surprise you. Take time to discuss with them and offer them simple and practical answers.

Avoid Criticism by Focusing on the Behavior

How to be a Good Parent, Avoid Criticism Behavior

  • When your child acts in a harmful manner, being a good parent explain him/her that such behavior is intolerable and advise properly.
  • They must know what they did wrong and why it was wrong, so be a good parent, take time to explain to them.
  • Criticize the behavior, not the person. It makes a good parent.
  • Be assertive still gentle when pointing out what they have not done right.
  • Avoid public criticism or humiliation.
  • If they publicly misbehave, take them aside, and warn them privately.

Be a Role Model and Good Parent

  • Model the good parent behavior and character you expect your children should adopt and abide by the rules you set.
  • Children tend to become what they witness and hear.

Don’t Spank your Children

Number of parents, when frustrated, spank their children. Spanking introduces nothing except fear. If you feel frustrated or annoyed take a break. If you can’t control yourself how you can make your children have self control and discipline?

Don’t Compare your Children

  • Never ever compare your children to others, specifically siblings. Each child is unique and personal. Enjoy their differences and inculcate in each child the desire to pursue their dreams. Failure may give your child an inferiority complex.
  • Teach your children that it’s okay for them to be unique and they don’t need to follow all others. Teach them right from wrong when at early age, and they will be able to make their own decisions.

Enable them Experience Life being a Good Parent

  • Don’t make decisions on their behalf every time.
  • They must learn how to live with the circumstances from the decisions they make.
  • They must know that their actions have results – good and bad.
  • It enables them in becoming good decision makers and will be ready for independence and adulthood.
  • You must explain to them options, and the consequences of each option, then live with whatever option they select.

Realistic Expectations

You must know your own requirements and limitations being a good parent: You should realize you cannot be a perfect parent, but a good parent.

You are having your strong points and weaknesses. If you have practical expectations from your child, the same should apply on you and your spouse also.


So, did you see how real the good parent quote of Jan Hunt is? Your children will behave well if you behave well with them, displaying good parent qualities.

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